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Top Bariatric Surgeon In Chandigarh | Best Bariatric Surgeon In Chandigarh | Best Hospital For Bariatric Surgery In Chandigarh |

Top Bariatric Surgeon In Chandigarh | Best Bariatric Surgeon In Chandigarh | Advantages of Bariatric Surgery |


If you are searching the top Bariatric Surgeon in Chandigarh, then you will go to Global Health Care Clinic in Chandigarh. Bariatric medical procedure is really a weight reduction medical procedure that causes you to get more fit by making changes in your stomach related framework. It remembers an assortment of methods for individuals who are stout.

This medical procedure includes the utilization of the gastric band to lessen the size of the stomach or includes the expulsion of a bit of the stomach by sleeve gastrectomy or biliopancreatic redirection with a duodenal switch.

The size of the stomach can likewise be diminished by resecting and re-directing the small digestive system to a little stomach pocket and this procedure is known as gastric detour medical procedure.

This weight reduction medical procedures are commonly done after you have attempted some different approaches to shed pounds, for example, following a sound, adjusted eating regimen and doing normal exercise.

With the expanding instances of weight and related medical issues, bariatric medical the procedure is turning into a useful asset to give continued alleviation to those individuals who are overweight:

        Diabetes: This methodology is profoundly successful for those fat patients who are experiencing type 2 diabetes.

        Coronary illness: It diminishes the danger of any coronary illness and stroke. It can help manage the circulatory strain and cholesterol levels.

        Difficult joints: Being overweight causes worry in your weight-bearing joints that bring about joint torment. Bariatric medical procedure offers help from joint torment by lessening the abundance of weight.

        Other Medical Condition: It additionally helps in easing other ailments too, for example, metabolic disorder, pregnancy difficulties, and gallbladder sickness. It likewise decreases the danger of related wellbeing intricacies, for example, gastroesophageal reflux infection, cardiovascular sickness, hypertension, serious rest apnea and stroke.

        Fertility: The medical procedure is additionally known to improve richness during youngster bearing years.

        Depression: Due to the poor body structure, the greater part of the hefty individuals feel discouraged. Losing overabundance weight with this medical procedure can offer alleviation from misery.

Sleeve Gastrectomy:-

        Sleeve gastrectomy is a careful weight reduction technique generally performed utilizing an instrument laparoscope.

        Right now an enormous part of the stomach is evacuated and with the outcome, the stomach is diminished to 15 % of its unique size.

        This surgery changes the state of the stomach to a sleeve or cylinder-like structure.

        Initially, Sleeve gastrectomy proceeded as an alteration to the duodenal switch, a bariatric methodology. At that point, later on, it  has proceeded an initial segment of the surgery on extremely hefty patients in which the danger of performing gastric detour the medical procedure alone was excessively huge.

        Today, sleeve gastrectomy is the quickest developing weight reduction surgery. This system includes a longitudinal resection of the stomach beginning from the antrum at the point 5–6 cm from the pylorus and completing at the fundus near the cardia.


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Breast Cancer Awareness | Metastatic Breast Cancer Treatment in Chandigarh | Cancer Hospital in Chandigarh

Breast Cancer Awareness

Metastatic Breast Cancer Treatment In Chandigarh
Metastatic Breast Cancer Treatment In Chandigarh | Global Health Care Clinic

Anger, fear, stress, sadness, and depression. They are just a few of the emotions that accompany a Metastatic Breast Cancer Diagnosis. It’s overwhelming, to say the least, and there’s no right or wrong way to come to terms with it, but one thing is for sure if you or someone you love has a serious or chronic illness, like Breast Cancer Diagnosis, schedule a visit with palliative care.

Breast Cancer Diagnosis In Chandigarh
Breast Cancer Diagnosis In Chandigarh | Global Health Care Clinic Chandigarh

One of the things that makes metastatic breast cancer different from other advanced cancers is that patients can live for years after being diagnosed. Palliative care can be helpful to them during the entire time.

One of the major goals of the palliative medicine team at the Global Healthcare Clinic. It is where patients have relief and support the entire time their cancer is being treated. The team also includes Dr. Sanjeev Bhatia and other team members who are perfect in curing the patient.

Invasive Breast Cancer Treatment In Chandigarh
Invasive Breast Cancer Treatment In Chandigarh | Breast Cancer Diagnosis In Chandigarh

Just because you are going through cancer treatments doesn’t mean you should be in pain or have a poor quality of life,” says Doctor. We want you to have the Best Cancer Treatment and the best pain relief.

There is this misguided notion that if you are trying to cure your cancer then you have to ignore your quality of life, you have to suffer through it. That is both wrong and foolish.

As one major study demonstrated, patients with advanced lung cancer who received early palliative care had better pain and symptom relief and also lived significantly longer than those who didn’t.

Metastatic Breast Cancer occurs when cancer spreads from the breast to another part of the body, most commonly the liver, brain, bones, or lungs. Symptoms and Treatment for this stage of Breast Cancer, also referred to as stage 4 breast cancer, are different from those of the earlier stages.

Global Health Care Clinic | Invasive Breast Cancer Treatment In Chandigarh

Although cancer treatment can help a person live longer and slow down the progression of the disease, treatment can also take its toll,” says doctor of Global Healthcare Clinic. That’s where palliative care can make all the difference. We provide pain and symptom management. We also discuss personal preferences and goals.

Palliative care appointments can be made on the same day. Patients are juggling so much. we don’t want this to be another burden, so convenience is key. We’ll sometimes sit with a patient while receiving a chemotherapy infusion to help optimize the time.

Palliative care can also help patients come to terms with their advanced illness emotionally. We get to know our patients. Our team is trained to address any and all questions about their current care and what to expect in the future says to the doctor.

Breast Cancer Diagnosis In Chandigarh | Metastatic Breast Cancer Treatment In Chandigarh

End-of-life planning and decisions can be difficult under the best of circumstances. The palliative medicine team at the Global Healthcare Clinic Best ( Breast Cancer Diagnosis in Chandigarh ) makes it a point to learn about the values and spiritual needs of each patient and her/his family to ensure clear communication and completion of advance directives, including a Living Will.


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Top Bariatric Surgeon In Chandigarh | Best Bariatric Surgeon In Chandigarh | Best Hospital For Bariatric Surgery In Chandigarh |

Top Bariatric Surgeon In Chandigarh |  Best Bariatric Surgeon In Chandigarh |  Advantages of Bariatric Surgery | ABOUT BARIATRIC ...